A good website doesn't have to be jam packed with scripting bells and whistles to attract attention. All it needs is a touch of good design sense and pleasant graphics. Visitors will have a pleasant stay, unhindered and undistracted by technical quirks, and will therefore most likely come back.

I can design you a site which can look good in all browsers and load quickly (provided your hosting server is fast) without crashing or freezing. In fact, this very site is perfectly viewable using earlier browsers such as IE3 and Netscape 2.

Prices vary, depending on what you want: how many pages, the nature of supplied images and what's involved to prepare them for the web. If yours is a personal site, I'll set you up with webrings, a freebie guestbook, a freebie message board, a freebie hit counter. For a nominal fee, I'll even add meta tags and submit your site to the most popular search engines.

If you're looking to have the simplest page, or something a little more involved, contact me for a quote. For other examples of websites I've done, hit the Links page.

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